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Our Family has been in the cattle business for generations and we are truly passionate about raising the highest quality livestock possible. Which is why we raise raise Authentic American Akaushi ( red wagyu) beef for superior quality, extreme tenderness, and abundant marbling. The marbling in Akaushi beef contains a much higher percentage of monounsaturated fat than any other beef in the US. As a result, Akaushi beef has a rich buttery flavor as well as juiciness as tenderness throughout. Our cattle are raised on large lush pastures with plenty of fresh water. They are fed only the highest quality, custom mixed feeds and are raised naturally with no antibiotics or hormones.
Dove Creek Wagyu Cattle Co has recently partnered with DJL Enterprises on the cattle business and have expanded considerably. We had honestly outgrown our capabilities.
The new company is Show Me Wagyu Partners and is located in Lamar MO. Our cuts of beef can now be purchased at ShowMeWagyuBeef.com. Our America’s Best Beef Jerky is available here at Dove Creek Wavyu Cattle Co .

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Dove Creek Gives Back: Suicide Prevention Donations

At Dove Creek Wagyu Cattle Co we are honored to support our military service members. All of the profits from the sales of our America’s Best Beef Jerky are now donated to the non profit Tango3.org. in support of veteran programs - specifically the prevention of suicide.

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Dove Creek Wagyu Akaushi Beef Jerky

Dove Creek Wagyu Cattle Co’s America’s Best Beef Jerky is made from some of the very finest beef in the world. We exclusively utilize Akaushi beef to produce our amazing beef jerky. Akaushi is known as the heart healthy beef. It contains high amounts of monounsaturated fat (the good fat) with a relatively low saturated fat content. It is this intense marbling that gives our jerky its exquisite buttery flavor and tenderness unlike any other jerky. Our mission is to produce the very best beef jerky in the universe. From lush green pastures to all natural seasonings, Dove Creek beef jerky contains no hormones, nitrates, MSG or artificial preservatives.

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