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Dove Creek Wagyu

Cattle Company

Welcome to Dove Creek Wagyu Cattle Company. We are located in the beautiful Ozark mountains in southern Missouri where our cattle can enjoy the lush, green grass alongside the creeks and streams that are spring fed and crystal clear.

Raising the highest quality livestock possible is our passion.

Our objective at Dove Creek Wagyu Cattle Company is to deliver Genetic excellence ~ Maximum performance in every one of our offspring.

Our focus is to raise cattle that carry the most elite genetics. We have painstakingly selected our sires and females on their ability to produce the ultimate in marbling and carcass quality as well as to maintain size, structure and productivity.

We also strive to provide the definitive dining experience with our healthful, extraordinary beef which we offer by the 1/8, 1/4 ,1/2, or whole beef, packaged per your instruction, priced by the pound with delivery available.

Our goal is to help you build genetics in your cattle to positively affect performance, whether you concentrate your efforts on producing full blood breeding stock, F1 production or a show program.